The technology landscape is evolving, and Reliability Technology Solutions is here to ensure you evolve with it. As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, the office of the future is virtual, and properly leveraging the cloud can make sure you’re ready for whatever comes next.

What is “The Cloud”?

The snarky (yet somewhat accurate) answer is: “the cloud is just somebody else’s computer”. This is often used by more old-school IT Professionals to disparage cloud services, but there are many situations where using the cloud are advantageous. Think back to the first email address you ever had. Chances are, you didn’t host an email server in your house, you used a free service like Hotmail, Gmail, or your internet provider. While you might cringe when you think back to [email protected], this was the first example of how cloud services can benefit you. You didn’t need to run an email server in your basement, you didn’t need to worry about email bouncing back if your internet or power went out, and you could check it where ever you were, as long as you had internet access.

How Can the Cloud Benefit My Business?

Improved Reliability

Having the newest servers and network equipment doesn’t entirely save you from downtime. Updates are still a reality, and they come with downtime. Most cloud services have some level of high-availability that keeps everything running, even if one server needs an update. Every internet provider and power company has the occasional outage. If your email and document management is in the cloud, you can still send off that important contract to a client, even if the construction next-door knocks out power to your office.

Predictable Costs

The traditional in-house server model has a built in capital expense spike every five to seven years. For many businesses, a good fiscal quarter can be wiped out by a server refresh project. And if you roll the dice and try to run your servers past their warranty period? You could end up with extended downtime from a failed server while a new one is procured, and high costs from expedited hardware procurement. Running your servers in the cloud allows you to have a predictable monthly cost, without the five year capital expense spike.

Performance Scalability

If you’re a growing business, you have likely run into the dilemma of buying for your current needs, or buying your what you expect your needs to be in a year. With cloud services, you don’t have to choose. You can pay for the capacity and performance you need now, and scale up as you grow.

Many businesses have a specific busy season, when they need performance more than ever. With the traditional server model, you either need to suffer through your busy season with reduced performance, or pay good money for performance you don’t need 10 months our of the year. With cloud services, you can ramp up capacity when needed, and scale down when times are slower.


If there is one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught everyone, it’s how often we touch our faces. Also: how many jobs and businesses can operate entirely remotely. Overnight, thousands of Canadians learned to do their jobs from their spare bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. Often times, the biggest roadblock to teleworking wasn’t employee buy-in, or missing the office environment, it was access to internal company resources. Cloud services make it easy to work from anywhere and stay in touch with your team. With a properly leverage cloud solution, your team can stay productive and engaged, wherever they happen to be.

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